If you have never tried photographing cats, you have no idea that you can’t simply tell them: “Hey, pal, just stop moving… Did you hear me?” Because they never stop moving until they are dead or at least full and sleepy. Otherwise they are not in focus or slipping out of your frame (they always want to leave their scent on your pants, remember?). Now you got an idea how lucky I was with this shot, alright? The cat gave me his best undistracted 1 second performance.

My photo edits are very intuitive. Usually, I try to recreate my feelings if my camera couldn’t catch them. What I remember about my “model”, is that he had quite a curious wet black nose and otherworldly eyes. I also think that cats just pretend being silly. It’s their undercover. I tweaked basic settings and tone curves, applied a radial filter for his cheek bones and added clarity to the eyes in Adobe Lightroom. I have no idea what I’m doing usually. I’m just playing with sliders.

And please, don’t say that cat photography is easy :)