Cooking sturgeon

Sturgeon filet was bought at a local oriental fish market, lemon was found on a Californian sidewalk (there was a lemon tree nearby). From my experience the best lemons are those you find under a tree or on a sidewalk (as in my case). They are completely ripe and extremely cheap (the last could seriously warm your heart while you’re bringing your prize home). Before I started finding them, I had no idea how good the lemons that got enough sun on a tree could be.

A fishmarket guy asked us how we were going to cook it while helping us. I said that I was open to suggestions ‘cause it was my first time cooking that thing. Not thinking long he told me a story about one of his customers who said that fish tasted like pork chops after deep-frying. And if she ever wanted a pork chop, she would cook pork chops, not expensive sturgeon.
"What’s wrong with your marketing strategies or maybe you are a hipster," - I thought. I was very determined to buy the fish because I have Russian relatives who were always bringing delicious sturgeon caviar (black caviar) or sturgeon itself when they were visiting us. So I knew that the fish tastes like magic. I also thought that deep frying method is for KFC or french fries, not for such an exclusive stuff. Well, that’s my opinion.

I generously sprinkled sturgeon with lemon juice, seasoned with salt and pepper, added a bit of butter, minced onions (all three), and gently fried tomatoes. I’ve heard that if over-cooked sturgeon is very tough, so I didn’t overcook it. It was good. Next time I’ll probably cook it the same way.