Our 2200 mi / 8 days trip from Quartzsite, AZ to Jackson, MS (part 21 of many)

  • At first, we followed little yellow stickers in the shape of a rocket placed on various signs. At some point we decided that perhaps it would be better to rely on our navigator and took a backroad. We ended up driving through cow pastures, a farm, and cattle crossings until we realized that we’re driving along a power lane, where cacti grew, and cows felt they’re safe & home.
    Don’t trust them damn machines! Follow cute rocket ship stickers!
  • Spaceport America!
  • To continue our journey, we took the unpaved southern road to Las Cruces (at present time, the only paved road to Spaceport America is from Truth or Consequences, a relatively small town located to the north of the site). The southern road is a washboard road almost all the way (about 75mi). Spaceport America workers who live in Las Cruces drive it every day 5 days a week!

To Be Continued…